debut album out 23rd November via The Audacious Art Experiment

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Launch party:
Jenny Moore's Mystic Business with support from Merlin Nova
4th December 2018, 8pm
Servants Jazz Quarters
10A Bradbury Street, Dalston, London N16 8JN

Album Artwork

London-based Canadian artist Jenny Moore (Charismatic Megafauna, F*Choir) and her rabble rousing vocal ensemble present a testament to the intimacy and intensity of communal singing, on a choral-punk album of epic scope.

With raucous maelstroms, droning incantations, sweet solos and meditative murmurs, Mystic Business encompasses the macro and the micro, the political and personal, the ancient and modern: from philosophy to Mini Cheddars, ‘who’s God?’ to clickbait, the apocalyptic to the small human drama. Gang yells, rounds, stamp-claps and hot breaths shift to exhilarating choral arrangements that are complex but compulsively sing-along-able and catchy as hell. These are fortifying mantras to fall back on in uncertain moments: ‘We quit!’, ‘We want our bodies back!’, ‘I don’t want to choose you/I don’t want to choose anything!’, or ‘We are terrified… We are angry… We are hopeful… We are on the internet’.

Featuring a host of voices from the capital's contemporary music scene, including members of Trash Kit, Deep Throat Choir, Regrouping, Dr Peabody and Bamboo, new single 'Sandwiches' is a defiant swipe atthe age-old behaviour that suggests women are on call all the time – that they're here to serve and make things right. Or find something that no one else can be bothered to look for.

Jenny says,
"This is my mantra for exhaustion, an assertion of my own tempo and rhythm, a reminder that I need to eat too, not just feed and produce." 


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Photo credits: Kalina Pulit and Sophie le Roux